Aug. 27. Ezekiel’s Visions of the Temple

Ezek. 8:1-10:22

At the same time that Jeremiah was prophesying to Zedekiah, Ezekiel was receiving visions from God regarding that same fate that would befall Jerusalem. He was taken up by the Spirit to view the temple of God. All of the idols and abominations of Judah were before him. The Lord stated, “Therefore I also will act in fury…and though they cry in My ears with a loud voice, I will not hear them.”

In his vision, Ezekiel heard God call with a loud voice to those in charge of the city for each to come near with a deadly weapon in his hand. Among the six angels who appeared as men was a man clothed in linen with a writer’s horn by his side. He was instructed to go throughout Jerusalem and mark on the forehead all who were mourning over the abominations within the city. The others were told to go out and kill all the men, women and children who were not marked and to fill the courts of the temple with their bodies.

God’s glory appeared to Ezekiel in much the same way that it had in the vision of his initial call. The angel dressed in linen was instructed to scatter fire over Jerusalem as the cloud of the Lord’s glory filled the temple. Slowly and finally, His glory departed from His house.