Aug. 3. Temple Restoration Completed

Ez. 6:1-22

After a careful search had been conducted, the official decree of King Cyrus was found. It allowed the Jews to rebuild the temple and provided funds from the king’s house to pay for the cost. Darius informed Tattenai of the order and further ordered him to refrain from all hindrances. Anyone hindering the work would be subject to death. He also was to provide those needed funds, including animals and materials necessary for the people’s sacrifices from the taxes of his region. With Tattenai’s obedience to the king’s decree, the temple was completed in about five years.

The month following the temple’s reconstruction was the first month of the year at which time the Passover Feast was to be observed—and a great feast it was. There was much celebration as the Jews were able to resume their services according to the commands of God.