Aug. 30. Israelites Become Slaves in Egypt

Ex. 1:1-22

One may have a tendency to think of the events of the first part of Exodus as being immediately following those of Genesis. Bible historians indicate that about three hundred years transpired during this time. Through the fulfillment of God’s promise, the Israelites had grown from seventy plus wives, servants, and Joseph’s family to a mighty people of approximately three million.

Some years after the death of Joseph, a new Pharaoh became king of Egypt. With the passage of time everyone who had been associated with Joseph and his family had died. The new king either had not heard about Joseph or he refused to acknowledge the importance of the Israelites. He feared that they would ally themselves with an enemy of Egypt and defeat them in a war.

The decision was made to persecute and destroy the Israelites. This was attempted by enslaving them with hard labor and killing the male babies. With no Israelite men to marry, the women would be forced to marry Egyptian men, which would make the children of Israel become extinct. God had other plans.