Email – The black hole of time

I have to say that ONE of my most wasteful habits has to be email. No matter how much I fight against it, I get sucked in by the myriad invitations to “come visit my website – I have fun, interesting stuff to show you!!” I fight it by closing down the tab so that I have to make at least some effort to check email.

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Freed-Hardeman Lectureships Underway

The first day of the lectureships has started off well. And it looks like the weather will be nice this year, although I will miss the snow.

Come see me! I have seen Paolo de Luca, but no one else, yet.

A little depressed

I woke up a little depressed this morning.

I paid my rent. Two more whole months to go before returning home. Something is wrong with my water bill at home… it is twice as much as it should be, which means I have a problem somewhere. Other nagging problems that need to be taken care of, but I can’t handle them for two more months!

Tonight is the Bible study at sister Aide’s house. She is Nicaraguan and talks so fast that I can’t understand very much of what she says. And the ladies in the Bible class are country, and I can barely understand what they say. Oh, and of course, the preacher speaks Spanish too, and when he is teaching, he talks very fast, and sometimes I totally lose track.

And I wonder if I am doing any good, struggling so much with the language. I smile and nod my head a lot when I don’t understand. I smile some more when they say to each other that I didn’t understand, because I DO understand the words for “she doesn’t understand”!

But tonight at the Bible study, Aida said, in Spanish, that she didn’t want me to go back to the US because she would miss me.

So I am feeling a little depressed, because I only have two more months here.

Thanks for listening. I feel better now 🙂

Routinely Spontaneous

I like routine. I like to get up at the same time every day, eat the same breakfast, be at my desk at the same time, have my schedule for the day at my fingertips. And I sometimes can get very aggravated at interruptions.

But I also like spontaneity.  If someone calls and says, “Hey, do you want to …?”, I am always ready to go, do, see or help!

Slow drizzle for days!

I am a rain-day girl. I love the rain. So for me, days and days of slow drizzle are wonderful!


When I pray in English, I usually say, “Father”. For me, that shows the respect that I have for him as creator and ruler of my house and the desire for a close relationship. When I pray in Spanish, I usually say, “Señor” because Padre sounds too much like I am talking to a priest instead of to God.


I finally took some time to go to downtown San José this morning. I am very careful about how I travel, so I had some of my money in my front pocket with my IPhone, and some in a secret pocket. My backpack is the obvious target, so I only had my camera in one of the pockets, but nothing much else in the rest of it.

While walking down the Avenida Central, I noticed this good-looking guy watching me. Well, I know I am cute (not really!), but good-looking guys don´t look at old ladies! So I was instantly on the alert and aware that I might be a target.

Sure enough, as I was getting ready to go into a bookstore, I heard my pack zipper. I instantly pulled my pack around to the front, and caught this lady in the act! She turned up to a counter and acted like she was looking for something. There was a guard at the door, and I pointed to her and showed him my unzipped pack, but he just shook his head and grinned.  So we just stood there and watched her until finally she hurried away.

The moral of the story: be alert! for you don’t know at what hour the thief may come!

My fast-food fave

OK, Chick-Fil-A is a hands-down winner for car food. I love those little chicken nuggets. That said, though, my most frequented spot is McDonald’s. Their coffee is usually good and though their fries aren’t as good as they were back in the 60’s when lard was still a cooking option, they are still the best of show! Also, here in Costa Rica, the McCafe is not just a coffee making machine, it is a whole room where you can get Starbucks-type desserts with your fancy coffee.

Titus 3:14

“Our people must also learn to engage in good deeds to meet pressing needs, so that they will not be unfruitful.”

Titus is a great book for studying about responsibility. From qualifications for the shepherds of the church right down  to each member.


We are going through a series right now about community. The early church grew strong because they were in communion with each other. They supplied the needs of that God-given community. That is what we are as a church, a place to go to have the stripes of the world bound up, to be healed. Jesus had community. David, because he stayed home and didn’t go out to war the way other kings did, lost community and sinned.

Often when we  feel needy, we isolate ourselves. I would suggest that we throw ourselves head-long and heart-long back into community with the family that God has given us.

I am a note-taker

I have to have pencil and paper to survive. I carry a mechanical pencil and a stick eraser everywhere. I have notebooks for everything… vocabulary lists, summaries of stuff I study… I love paper!

Talent request

I have always wanted to be a speaker, to be able to put together a good talk and deliver it – in Spanish! Then, of course, there is the desire to be a good writer. And then I wish I could … , oh, sorry, you said another talent, not others, plural.

Long-distance stuff

Well, my stuff is not in a closet, since I have been in the process of house renewal for the last four years. So my stuff is stored in boxes in an old shed. Stuff that I have lived without for four years. Granted, most of it is books, but still…


A system of rules, conduct and belief that allows man to feel plugged into a world that, without it, is pointless, terrifying, and beyond his control and understanding.

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Knives! My favorite weapon

I love knives. I guess I should say bladed-weapons. I have some very interesting weapons, some hundreds of years old! I have swords, sais, a balisong, and a wide assortment of other weapons.

But the last thing I did with a knife was cut an orange.