The Need For Vision In Our Work

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G. E. Watkins

My Absence

I feel I need to explain my absence from TFR while I can. As I write this I have very little to no feeling in my right hand, especially my thumb, index and middle fingers, thus making a lot of typos and corrections. I am looking at having spinal stenosis in my neck vertebrates. I have a pending appointment with a neurologist to either confirm or find a different reason for the numbness and tingling in my arms and fingers. I know I already have three bulging disc in my lumbar area and stenosis in the vertebrates in that area. this has been my reason to stop my input in the prior months because I could not sit in front of the computer but for very short periods of time before having severe pain. I have been seeing a chiropractor about the lumbar area and it has helped. I walk with a very unsteady gait, I have fallen or had to get down at a low level not being able to get up with out a lot of difficulty.

I still read most of your postings and am encouraged by what I read. I would appreciate your prayers in this matter. Thank you and praise God for the wonderful brothers and sister in His kingdom.


Whgat does home mean to me?

Home means my sanctuary. Linda and I just discussed this last week. It is my place away from the rest of the world. Home is where the heart is as far geography. My heart is in Texas. So are my boots. seriously, as a pilgrim is this world, 1 Peter 1, heaven is my home. When my journey here in this life is over, then I’ll go home. Praise God, for my real home.


What connotations does “authority” hold for me?

Submission! Being raised in an abusive environment I used to have a lot of authority issue problems. For one, I was rebellious. I believe it was after a congregational Bible study by a preacher that I began to wilt in my relationship with God. I was never going to make it, because I could never be good enough. That was a subconscious message in my head from never being good enough or being a failure from my parental father. It wasn’t until I was in my fifties that I learned what unconditional love was all about. Once I got the old messages out of my head, I could related to God as a loving heavenly Father. I now look at myself as a mere speck of sand and in awe that God cares, but he does. That is what authority is to me now. I am just a speck of sand in all of God’s creation, who am I to put myself on the same level or above God. People do it, but deny that is what they are doing. When ever you hear some one say or read “I” when discussing what the Bible teaches, they are putting themselves equal to or above God. There is no submission to authority, but to their own. To me they are arrogant and self serving, putting themselves in hell.

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Catching up on some Daily Nudges

Who is my best friend? Out side of my wife, which is family I don’t really have one that is as close to me or me to them as my wife. The closest friend I have is my preacher friend that The good Lord, myself and 300 plus congregations and individuals have been helping financially to get a liver transplant. He considers that he owes me his life, but no, he owes his life to God and a lot of other people.

As for what question made the biggest difference in my life, I would have to say, “Now what will you do’? This question was asked after a very thorough Bible study. It’s like the question asked Peter in Acts 2:37, “What shall we do”? There are only two choices to these questions. One either walks away and let’s the choice bother them all the rest of their lives. Or they choose to do what God wants all of us to do by being baptized into Christ for the remission of our sins.

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My Best Talant

Like Ron writes before me, I am not the best judge of my talents. When I have meditated on them, taking inventory as to what I can do best I find that I am mechanical and technologically orientated. However, those talents are not the best at serving the Lord. In the area of serving the Lord, I can do many and various things, but I am not the best but for a few. I like to communicate, encouraging and teaching others. I do have a gift of gab, which is probably what I am best at. I can pick on people in a humoreous way, that eases people. I do make a good Barnabas.

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My Favorite Conversion in Acts

My favorite conversion in Acts is the conversion of Cornelius. Why? With Cornelius being the first devout Gentile to be baptized into Christ, his conversion allowed me to become a child of God also. His conversion also had to be one with convincing evidence to be accepted by the Jews. I believe there were two things that convinced Peter; the blanket in chapter 10 and the descending of the Holy Spirit.

This conversion is one the most mis-understood conversions by the “faith only” denominational world.

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