She Made the Right Choice

Here is our most recent blog telling about our new sister in Christ: .  We had a physical birth and a spiritual birth this weekend.  Pretty exciting, wouldn’t you say?

My Weekend

I think my weekend qualifies as exciting.  I assisted our fellow missionary wife in delivering their fourth child at home.  I wrote about it on my blog here: .  Don’t worry, it’s tastefully written, and appropriate for all audiences. 🙂  Sunday morning we also had a spiritual birth, but I don’t want to give the details just yet, since George will be writing a blog about it.  I’ll share the link when it’s ready.

I hope you all a wonderful 4th of July!  As for us, we are more than ready for a little down time, which will probably include homemade ice cream. 🙂

From a Babe You’ve Known the Sacred Writings

One thing that I’ve been working on lately is a list of suggested Old Testament Lessons with References .  Ignorance of Bible content is not a problem limited to third world countries, such as where we currently live.  It is an increasingly world-wide challenge, as worldly pleasures compete more and more for our time.  This isn’t just a challenge for children and youth, but it affects all ages.  So, I would like to challenge you to make Bible knowledge a priority in your family.  Help your children become students of the Word.

Knowledge alone is not the same thing
as a tender heart that desires to please God.
However, our family members, 
both young and old, 
 need to see that within the pages of His Word
there are men and women who were real,
who had the same basic struggles as we have.
They  need to see that some people made good choices 
and some made bad choices,
and they need to see what God’s response was,
based on the choices made.
Our families need to be amazed
at God’s power and providence throughout the ages.

If there is one thing I’d like to stress, it is that we should not underestimate the minds of little children! They are FAR MORE capable than we often realize.  Most two and three year old children are capable of learning all of the books of the Bible, from memory!  You may find that you have some catching up to do, and that’s okay, as long as you recognize the need and you are willing to do something about it.  Learn together with your children.

So far I have the list finished for the Old Testament.  Please know that this list is just a starting place!  It is in no way a complete list of all relevant events in the Old Testament. Keep in mind that one of the reasons I am compiling these lists is so that I can have them translated into Swahili so that they can be shared with parents who absolutely do not know how to go about teaching their children, as well as people who are “starting from scratch” in their Bible knowledge, such as new converts.

I’m still working on one for the New Testament and it is proving to be much more difficult for me to decide what to list, but hopefully I will be done with my N.T. list soon.

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Our Sunday

Yesterday George preached a great lesson on Responsibilities of Husbands and Wives.  In all likelihood that’s the first of its kind for many of the listeners yesterday.  We ended the day with a baptism of a young man who has been studying with our translator for a couple of months.  We have great hopes for this young man – he has truly been a searcher.  You can read more about it at our travelblog:

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Favorite Fast Food

My favorite fast food would be Taco Bell. At this time it is only a memory; nothing of the sort available where we live. 🙂

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We had lunch a couple of hours ago…

We had lunch a couple of hours ago and my husband and children thanked me for the meal. They are always so gracious to thank the cook, whoever it might be, after every meal, and my husband has been the greatest teacher of this habit to our children, through his example.

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We stayed at home where it is safe. We d…

We stayed at home where it is safe. We didn’t do anything exciting, except when the clock struck we went outside and the family made some noise, as we watched people on the hill near our house have a huge bonfire and make noise of their own. Our house is disassembled as we are in the final stages of preparing to move. We’ll load the truck this coming Tuesday. Happy New Year!


Here is our latest post on our travelblo…

Here is our latest post on our travelblog, which gives a quick overview of recent activities.

We are in the final stage of packing and leave tomorrow night (afternoon for most of you). We are scheduled to arrive in OKC Tuesday late afternoon – a 27 hour journey. We’d appreciate your prayers.

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted. L…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Life has been quite hectic and so my priorities have not included blogging. Our oldest daughter will be flying back to the states tomorrow night, using her one-way ticket. 🙂 The remaining five of us will follow her in three weeks. Prayers for her safe travels will be greatly appreciated.

We worshiped with the Monduli congregation today. George has been instructing them in personal evangelism. The congregation has been enjoying these classes immensely, begging him to keep coming. One elderly lady, who cannot even read or write, said today that his lessons were sweeter than sugar. It is so encouraging to us to see their zeal. George also taught a wonderful lesson on the beautitudes, from Matthew 5, of course. 🙂

This evening the missionaries got together to have a meal, have a devotional in English, and everyone also took turns expressing kind remarks and well wishes to Julia. Kind of emotional for her family. All in all, it’s been a wonderful Lord’s Day.

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When our children were growing up, we pu…

When our children were growing up, we purposefully did not make any plans to be out on Saturday evenings. The exception to that would be to attend a gospel meeting. We made sure clothes were ready, kids bathed and in bed at a decent time, and if I was teaching, all my class stuff assembled and ready to load in the car.

Even now we generally do not make plans for Saturday evenings (it’s not wise to be out after dark here any night of the week anyway, although we have to be from time to time). My Saturday preparations for the Lord’s Day are to iron clothes and have food on hand for Sunday. If we have a long drive we’ll bring lunch in the cooler, to eat on the way home. No fast food here. 🙂

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Here is our latest blog post about our w…

Here is our latest blog post about our work and life in Tanzania:

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Well, right now I would have to say a do…

Well, right now I would have to say a dot, because I received some kind of bug bite about a week ago, which has resulted in a huge, painful dot. Hmm, for some reason I don’t think that’s what Randal had in mind. :<)

I love the smell of Star Jasmine and wou…

I love the smell of Star Jasmine and would love to have some vines outside my window, so that the scent can drift in. I also enjoy roses very much and would like to add some more to our yard. We can buy rose bushes very cheaply here. I am reminded of “Jesus, Rose of Sharon” – I like that song. 🙂

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Checking In

I was away from the internet all last week, thanks to a rare and wonderful get-away with my husband to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  That is the longest vacation that just the two of us have had together – ever.  Now I’m trying to get back in the swing of things and prioritize my long list of things to do between now and the beginning of July, when we will make a trip to the states.  I was going to go back and make some comments on previous posts, but due to time restraints, I think I’ll just jump back in and go from here.  I have a wedding veil to make today. 🙂 I hope you all are having a great week!

One of the most humorous events to me is…

One of the most humorous events to me is the account of Elijah and the prophets of Baal, on Mt. Carmel. Elijah mocked the false prophets by saying:

“…Cry aloud, for he is a god. Either he is musing, or he is relieving himself, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened.” I Kings 18:27

Now that’s funny.

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