Nudge: What is one of the things about me that people are surprised to learn?

I’m a southern gal. I’ve lived in the southeastern part of the USA all my life. I learned to read, write, talk, cook, extend courtesies, etc…, all in the south. I am quite proud of the fact that, even though I live close to Washington, DC, I still live below the Mason-Dixon line. And so, many people seem rather surprised to learn that I was actually born in NY. I neither sound nor act like the stereotypical north-easterner. I find myself having to explain the story of how I screamed at the top of my lungs non-stop for the first few months of my life because it was so COLD there, and how my parents decided to move south where I promptly settled in and became a very happy baby.

My husband likes to tease me about being a Yankee. However, I have news for him: I didn’t have a choice where I was born but I made it clear where I wanted to be. He, on the other hand, chose to marry me: a Yankee.

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My best Christmas ever was in 1986. I do…

My best Christmas ever was in 1986. I don’t actually remember much of the normal Christmas activities that year, but I gave and received the best humanly possible Christmas gift ever. Two days after, I became Mrs. Tinnel.


Speaking of boredom, the power went out for about an hour this morning. I’ve been on a mission to purge my house of all the old, useless stuff, so I took the opportunity to sort through more junk. I came across a spool of bubble wrap, which my youngest showed keen interest in. So I gave it to him. 15 minutes later he returned, dressed from head to toe in bubble wrap. This is what children do when they are bored. BEWARE.

The most misued word in the Bible

My vote for the #1 and #2 misused words in the Bible are “believe” and “faith”. Entire denominational doctrines have been built around a non-scriptural definition of these words. Biblical saving faith or belief is not a mere mental assent that Jesus is the son of God and came to save us. James 2 provides an excellent commentary on this whole matter.

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Caving In

The first Biblical example of someone caving in that comes to mind is Peter, his from fear of what the crowd might think of him the night Jesus was taken into custody. Peter showed remarkable cowardice. Fortunately he gained a ton of fortitude and made up for it on the day of Pentecost, when he spoke with boldness.

So what was the difference in these two circumstances? In the former, Peter left the disciples and faced the crowd alone. In the latter, he was with the twelve. What lesson do we learn from this?

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What do we do differently?

I’m having deja vu here. I think this topic has been covered before. None the less…

When we assemble on Sunday mornings, we worship first and then have our Bible classes. I thought it odd at first, but have grown to prefer it. The emphasis of our assembling is placed on worship and the Lord’s supper. The downside is that it often confuses our visitors.

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It is common place that we have pets today: cats, dogs, birds, fish, and even snakes. But what about Bible times? There are accounts of people having live stock, but it seems that owning animals then was more a matter of livelihood. Can anyone think of an account of someone owning a pet in Bible times? Is the reason for no (or little) mention of pets that people either didn’t have the luxury of being able to feed a pet or perhaps that they were too busy working to care for one? Just curious.