Bible Class Teachers

If you’ve ever been a Bible class teacher or had one, than I need you for my next project.

For information, please head over to my blog and see how you can participate. See you there 🙂

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Podcast for Preachers' Wives

I was asked by Dale Jenkins and Adam Faughn to participate in their popular podcast, iPreach, this Friday, April 8, at 10am. This week’s segment will be dedicated to the preacher’s wife and will feature some of the ladies who participated in my first book, A Sunday Afternoon with the Preachers’ Wives.

Please help me spread the word by telling the preachers’ wives in your family and encourage them to log on and participate in the discussion via the chat room.

The link for iPreach can be found by visiting the Equip Network. Scroll down until you see iPreach.

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Chik-fila! Love it.

The Nudge

My favorite shoe? I’ve never been asked that before. 🙂

Probably my walking shoes. Since I’m always on the move at work, I wear them most days.

Heard a great lesson on marriage by Gary Hampton last night. How have I never heard him preach before? He and Teresa are great people.

Talking about blessings in disguise at my blog. Here’s the link:

Share some hard times that you’re thankful for and have a great day.

Playing Church

If you’ve read much of what I write then you know that I absolutely adore the Kindergarten Bible Class. Those kids are the sweetest, most intelligent children I’ve ever met (I might be a bit biased… but just a bit).

Last Sunday morning they came in dressed to the tee and quickly realized that something about class was different.
I had covered our rug with a purple blanket. Also, only purple crayons, purple colored pencils, and purple markers were on the table. A huge box of stickers was placed neatly on the table with instructions to only use the ones that were purple. Our lesson was centered on that faithful, influential Christian lady, Lydia.

Class went great but it was at the end when one of my girls came up to me and remarked, “I play Bible class at home and you are the Princess.” I wasn’t sure what she meant but later, her mom explained.

At home, this sweet little girl lines up her dolls and stuffed animals and plays church. I am the teacher and I am Princess Peach. (I had no idea who Princess Peach was but Googled her when I got home). I was so excited that this little girl enjoys Bible class so much that she plays it at home.

I remember when my kids were little and would play church. One time they insisted that my husband and I dress for the occasion. It was close to 9pm when we sat on the couch and they took turns leading the singing, preaching and praying. I will never forget the importance on their little faces. This wasn’t just play, to them it was serious.

Sadly though there are some adults who still play church. However, most of us know that Church isn’t what we do nor is it where we go. Church is who we are.

Do you remember playing church as a child?

Your Favorite Sermon

I don’t remember anything else that happened that day. And honestly, I can’t even recall the week, month, or year. I’m not for certain which Bible verses he used or what song we sang before or after but I’ll always remember my favorite sermon. The preacher (I won’t mention his name due to the fact that he would much rather have people remember the message and not who delivered it) wore a nice suit.

He stood at the front of the packed auditorium and spoke about hypocrisy. He mentioned how often we strive to look like we’re following Christ but sometimes our hearts are far from him. I was going through a difficult time in my life and knew that I needed to get right with God. The message hit home and I got back on the path I needed to be on.

When the speaker concluded his sermon, he took off that nice suit coat and underneath was a ripped, torn, and filthy dress shirt. It didn’t take long for those of us sitting in the pews to realize and soon everyone began to chuckle. But the point was made and will stick with me always.

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably heard thousands of sermons. Some at lectureships, workshops, Gospel meetings, or your weekly church gathering so I’m asking, what sermon has made an impact in your life and why?

What’s your favorite sermon?

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Daily Nudge and News

“Father, forgive them…” (Luke 23:34) gets me every time I read it. I wonder what His followers thought when they heard those words. Did his mother hear Him say this? How did it affect her?

After everything that had been done to Him the betrayal, the torture, the ridicule yet he still loved them. He still cared. What a wonderful Savior we have.

Also, on another note, the Walnut Grove Church of Christ in Western KY has started a website aimed at teen girls. Please support this venture and help spread the word about this new website.

The important things

I still write out the important things such as lists and notes. I’m one of those people who learn and remember better if I write it down. When I speak in front of a group, I write down everything. Much easier than to only have an outline.

George Bailey told me once that he never made notes. Could always use a system for remembering his sermons. I’ve always thought he was amazing anyway 🙂

Go Ye?

My latest blog post comes from a story I heard from a friend. Heartbreaking! How can we fight these attitudes?

Daily Nudge

This reminded me of my grandmother and “her” spot on the couch. Everyone knew never to sit in Grandma’s spot. It was a family joke (unless you happened to be sitting there when she came in and then you had to move quickly 🙂

My family is so busy but we always sit down for dinner together every night, if possible.

When we’re able to have dinner together, that’s the best seat in the house.

Catching up on the Nudges

I’m always amazed at friends who have several Christmas trees in their homes. We have one and it is covered in home-made ornaments from our five children, kids from the school where I work, and kids from Bible class. I know that there are ornaments worth a lot of money out there and they are grand. However, the ornaments on my tree are priceless.

As for a special recipe…my husband makes his special peanut butter fudge. If I knew the recipe, I’d share it with you. 🙂

While reading this page, I happened upon the request to send cards to “Aunt Jane” and wanted to remind everyone (and encourage everyone) to send her a card. I love this idea and what a great way to encourage a sister in Christ! Here’s the link:

Questions and Movies

Since my husband’s grandmother (at 99) owns the local drive-in theater and my family runs it, we are knee-deep in movies. However, even if I had to, I don’t think I could narrow them down to my favorite. I like several. A few to mention: Dances with Wolves, Shrek, Elf, Sound of Music, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Gone with the Wind.

As for the question for God…I was driving with my children several years ago when they were very young and my oldest mentioned talking to God and asking Him questions. I inquired what would be the first thing he would ask when he sees God and after a quiet moment, he seriously answered, “I would ask Him where mayonnaise comes from.”

Turkey Day Plans

Thanksgiving is the time of year when I gather with my mother’s side of the family. My uncle preaches in the Bowling Green, KY area so usually about this time, we are trekking east. However, this year with our second in college, our plans were rescheduled around his time home so we were going to spend Thanksgiving with my husband’s family (they live in the same city as we do).

Then this morning, our youngest woke with a fever so our plans are hinging on how she feels tomorrow.

Oh well, regardless of where we end up, all five of our children will be in this weekend so we’ll be thankful for having each other and another day to glorify God.

Quick to Judge

In my opinion, it’s because every situation we face comes with its own field of experience. Whether we want to or not, we base all situations on previous ones.

I’ve found myself jumping to conclusions (usually with my children) too many times and then finding myself apologizing.


I was reading the Profile page on Facebook recently when I ran across the news of a Disney channel celebrity who has recently entered rehab. It seems this young star has been battling an eating disorder and cutting herself.

There was a comment on the thread that was disturbing. A teen remarked that she couldn’t understand how this star could go through something like that, especially considering how beautiful she was.

Society has told us that we must be beautiful and if we are then life will be perfect. No problems, no worries, no needs, but the truth is, we are only beautiful in the eyes of Jesus. Without Him, we are as ugly as the sins we commit.

Don’t be fooled by the lies of this world. Find your purpose, find your beauty, find your future in Christ.

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