Average wired

I’ve not had a chance to answer my own Nudges lately. Here goes one, on how wired we are. I’m probably wired slightly above average. Hmm, OK, well above average of some. I have periods I’m very wired, others I’m completely out of touch. Often, when I go to teach or travel, I lose connectivity.

Since buying a MacBook last year for presentations while in the U.S., I’m more wired, with wifi. With Skype I keep in touch with family and some friends. It’s replaced all the other messengers for me.

I do several of my own websites, manage several others, somehow wind up being a consultant for quite a few, since I’m a step ahead of the curve. Know just enough to be dangerous. And I like to help people. I’ve become a WordPress fan, when I’m not using Tiddlywiki.com, which I love.

Email has always been my main channel of communication. I have what must be the greatest service in the world on that score. Since I started working Facebook, that’s an up-and-coming area for me, though I foresee easing off on it once my purposes with it are done. I was a Twitter fan before FB, and think it’s better. I’m on Orkut, since most Brazilians are there (though they’ve been piling in on FB lately), but I don’t care much for that service and go months without checking in.

FriendFeed.com brings a lot of stuff together, I like that, for reference purposes.

I was a latecomer to cell phones, and often forget mine. Still don’t know how to text. That’s the extent of my wiredness.

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