Avoid the symptoms of apathy

In these times of extended separation from worshipping as a whole body, one must be careful of allowing spiritually apathetic attitudes to creep in our heart, mind and soul.

Doing good in the name of Jesus for the glory of God can still be accomplished. If the scattered church of the first-century could still serve God is it impossible for God to be served by the twenty-first century stationary church? It is not!

But to be used by God we must maintain a servant’s mindset and that includes doing something. Things can still be done! Think outside the box while staying in the box. Think of things that can be done by thinking of others. And remember to think like a servant.

Paying attention to physical symptoms is important. Current times remind us of this truth. But just as true is the future time that encourages us to not forget about looking for spiritual symptoms that are detrimental, and contagious too, to individual members who comprise the body as a whole.

We may not be able to do it all but we can still do something unless we allow apathy to tell us what to do (Matthew 25:29-30).