Away for 2 days

In a couple hours Haroldo and I, with The Maiden in tow, will go to the Christian workers encounter, dropping her off in Sao Paulo to go tomorrow to a young ladies’ event. Lord permitting, we’ll be back Saturday night.

In my absence Stephen has graciously accepted the challenge of sending out two Daily Nudges. He has suggested some of the better ones in the past, so look forward to some positive items tomorrow and Saturday.

A freebie: as soon as it gets done uploading, I’ll share a short video of gazillions of chocolate Easter eggs, the typical seasonal item here, hanging in Walmart. We bought ours from the new coffee shop around the corner, most certainly better quality, homemade stuff. I’m uploading the vid to my Flickr account, which you can see there. They are a sight to behold. I took it at my son’s request, so he could show his wife. Excuse the Portuguese, however; I have this thing about speaking English in public.

UPDATE: Video link is here.

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