Back at my post

Just because I spend two days at an event doesn’t mean the Fellows can take off. Where’d you all go? Where are all those ideas, news, insights?

I came back from the workers’ encounter exhausted, but content. It was constant conversation, literally; with 375 men there, people line up to chat, share, ask advice, catch up. I miss parts or all of the speeches, when guys pull me aside to talk. I went with the object to encourage some brother in his faith, whoever it might be. I think I did that, plus some.

Hope to have up some items about the event later. For now, a few pics.

Have been gone most of today, between this morning in SJCampos, lunch with another family, afternoon at Taubate, and the Maiden tells me I preached longer than usual today. She’s my timekeeper.

After we arrived back in town this evening I took my ladies to BK at one of the malls here for one of the better burgers here in town, for the price.

This week I have to catch up on my sleep. Maybe by tomorrow I’ll be a new man. Reckon?