Back from Roundhouse

How good it is to travel from home, and how good it is to return!
Been gone over a week to a 1-day retreat (Dahlgren, IL — for my sons) and then on to 5-days of Roundhouse (Flat Rock, NC — an encampment for members of the church who home educate). The week was refreshing, as always. We saw some good friends and my boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves (bike riding, boating, disc golf, basketball, volleyball, Bible Bowl, spelling bee, activity fair, student presentations, sermons, singing, lots of good eating, staying up late & getting up early, tent camping, etc.). The only not-so-fun part is the miles on the road (660 each way). Today has been a clean-up day (laundry, clean up the trailer, the tent, the tarps, etc.). Hope your week was great, too!