Back from the Collinsville lectures

The family & I had an enjoyable time at the lectures on Thursday & Friday. Listened to the following preachers deliver some fine lessons: Denny Petrillo, Mike McDaniel, Phil Sanders, Kelvin Pugh, Barry Grider, & Kevin Rutherford. It is challenging to go to lectures like these with small kids in tow, but we do the best we can. The 7 and 9-year-olds are not a problem anymore, but the 17-month-old sure is, and sometimes the 3-year-old. My wife is the greatest–while I preach every Sunday, she does her best to keep the kids quiet and tries to glean a few thoughts from the message for herself. Being able to sit with her during the lectures helps me better appreciate the labor of love she continually goes through in the pew.

It was a blessing to eat out with the Maberys and Ron Thomas on Thursday. On Friday night, we were able to take out the family who had graciously provided a place for us to sleep overnight (the Watsons).

We had a few free hours in the morning on Friday and made a quick trip to downtown St. Louis and rode to the top of the arch. The boys enjoyed it and Ranae had never been up top. Admittedly, it was almost a little boring for me after my various experiences in the air taking photos in a couple different planes owned by a brother here. Being 600 feet in the air is always neat, but it’s a lot more fun when you’re moving and not stationary!

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