Back to school thoughts brought me to la…

Back to school thoughts brought me to last night’s FB game. It was a great game. Our local HS team has won only one game in three years (we lost last night). Last year had the team compete in most of their games – that was good considering from where they came the year before that. The game last night was a victory for the visiting team on the last play of the game. A hook and latter pass to the end zone won the game. Unfortunately, the Back Judge called a poor game (it was really BAD). Two plays previous he was the only one who thought an interception was an incomplete pass. Just the same, a good game with both teams having heart as they fought to the end.

Back to school means that FB is here. Since our girls are out of school, I can think on the more pleasurable things locally. I am sure there is nothing all that important in education compared to football – is there? 🙂

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