My religion is bad

Yes, my religion can be bad. The word religion is used negatively in the New Testament for what doesn’t please God. So when is my religion bad?

  • When it fails to offer hope.
  • When it produces a disparity between words and actions and motives.
  • When it sets up comparisons in my favor.
  • When it doesn’t produce compassion.
  • When it permits what God forbids, or forbids what he permits.
  • When it isolates me from those in need.
  • When it relies on sight, rather than faith.
  • When it competes, rather than loves.
  • When it uses man for its measure, rather than God’s holiness.
  • When it turns a deaf ear to God’s word, a blind eye to eternal dangers, and a stubborn will to divine discipline.

This list isn’t complete. What ways might you add? And the point: let us work to make our piety pleasing to God.


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