Balaam’s “Confession”

Throughout the history of man, the individual man has had to contend with authority. He submits to his own authority or to someone else’s. This struggle for man’s mind (heart) is the great battle ground between the forces of evil (Satan) and the Lord God. This is very well illustrated (described) for us in Job, chapters 1 and 2. Who will win?

Balaam confessed, and he confessed the same problem that plagues people today. “I have sinned, for I did not know that you stood in the road against me” (22:34). Exactly the problem today – all because of: 1) there is no knowledge of the Lord, 2) even if there is knowledge, one’s desire to gain something is strong enough that the Lord’s way if set to the side. In this struggle over one’s desire to love and serve the Lord with the wealth of this world, spiritual blindness and powerlessness is exposed.

The battle ground between two opposite forces is our heart. It is a struggle that each person has to engage in – there is no choice. To determine one’s loyalty a decision has to be made. Will that loyalty be to the Lord or to what attracts the eyes and ears of a person? It is as simple as that.

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