Barton W. Stone on the Perfect Creed

This appeared in the “Union of Christian,” Christian Messenger, January 1832, Vol. 6, pp. 6-8.  The Editors (Barton W. Stone and John T. Johnson) were the joint authors of this article.

It may be asked again–Have you no creed or confession as a common bond of union?  We answer, yes.  We have a perfect one, delivered us from heaven and confirmed by Jesus and his Apostles–we mean the New Testament.  We have learned from the earliest history of the church to the present time, that the adoption of man-made creeds has been the invariable cause of division and disunion.  We have, therefore, rejected all such creeds as bonds of union, and have determined to rest on that alone given by divine authority, being well assured that it will bind together all who live in the spirit of it.