Barton W. Stone on Worldliness in the Church

Barton W. Stone (1772-1844)

“Another thing which checks the work of religion every where…is extravagance in worldly things. Thousands of bethren there are wasting the Lord’s goods. They seem to have forgotten, or never have been taught, that they themselves are living sacrifices to God. If they are Christians, their whole soul, body, and spirit are his, and all the substance they possess. They are but the Lord’s stewards, to manage to his interest and glory what he has entrusted them, and to render a just account to him in the day of judgment. Dare we then waste it, or sped it in the pride of life, and to please the lust of the flesh and of the eye? O, what an awful reckoning there will be at the last day! There must be a reformation here, else all our labors will be lost, and the work put into more faithful hands.” (The Cane Ridge Reader, p. 96)