Battling For Your Brother

It is not unusual for a family member to do battle with another family member over the silliest of things. It could be a fuss over politics, over who is better in baseball (the Cubs or Cardinals), or even over who bought the last dinner. As quickly as one might fuss over such things, one will be just as quick to defend the other when someone outside the family is fussing with kin. Sometimes, it does not matter if the family member is in the wrong. There is this “implanted” notion that one needs to defend kin.

Abraham (Abram) was a great man; he was (and is) considered to be the father of those who are faithful to the Lord. As well-known as he is in this regard, it is not as well-known that he had a deferential spirit. Rather than do battle with his nephew (kin), he deferred to him concerning a place of residence. When he was in position to take preeminence, he gave it up for the benefit of family.

However, when his family was threatened, he gathered his forces and went out to relieve them of the pressure applied against them as they were taken into captivity. When Abram returned from “doing battle for his brother,” he conducted himself in such a way that the King of Salem (Jerusalem) recognized him for being the great man he was (Genesis 14:17-20). To the king of a wicked city, however, Abram  would take nothing that did not belong to him; he returned all to where it belonged. Abram did right by his kin, but he wanted nothing to do more than was necessary with a wicked king and its people.

There is a lesson in this for us. We need to do right by our brother (and all people) all the time, but we never want to have anything to do with evil than is absolutely necessary. We live in a society that slaughters innocent children and promotes sexual immorality; our association with such evil may not always be avoided, but we need to do what we can for that which is right. The Lord will judge our country for such evil deeds, even those who support of those deeds. If we are not careful evil influences can influence adversely godliness. RT

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