Be Careful What You Pray For

Someone has said, “Be careful what you wish for.” I’d rather say, “Be careful what you pray for.” As I sit and think back over my years as a Christian, prayer has played an important role in it. Many of you have heard that as a girl I prayed to marry a preacher. I knelt by my bed at night and prayed, “Lord, if I’m capable of being a preacher’s wife, I want to marry a preacher, but if not, just let me marry a Christian.” I didn’t know any boy making a preacher and few who were even Christians. Jerry Humphries was our preacher. In fact, I was the first one he baptized after he moved to Elba, AL. He left to preach in revivals and invited this young man from Alabama Christian to come down from Montgomery and preach in his absence. He was cute but brought his girlfriend with him! I asked them that afternoon while they were spending it with us if they didn’t have some “fine young man they could bring down when they came back and let me meet.” The girl thought for a while, snapped her fingers, and said, “Old Doug.” Old Doug and I have been married 54 years! God answers prayers. We’d better be careful what we pray for!

I prayed for my daddy to stop drinking and return to the church. He did! He confessed living in sin 30 years. He later became a deacon in the Elba church and was faithful til death. God answers prayers! We better be careful what we pray for!

I used to paint preacher’s charts on bed sheets. I outlined the letters with stencils and then handprinted them. It took a lot of time. I prayed to be able to do it freehand and faster. God answered that prayer. I was able to outline one in a day. The painting took longer. We’d better be careful what we pray for!

I’ve prayed to be a soul winner for years. While keeping my mother I told the Lord I knew I was asking a lot because I was confined to the house with her, but he answered that prayer. A man and woman came to the house one day to return some money she had borrowed. Her friend remained in the car. I wanted to speak to him. He had been coming to church services with her for a long time. We went out to the car and after the initial greetings I asked him about his salvation. He said, “I’ve never been anything.” It alarmed me and scared me for him. I said, “Oh, let’s set up a Bible study with you and Doug.” He agreed. Doug walked up and we set it up for the next day and I would cook lunch for them. The next day the lady and I stayed at home and cleaned up the dishes while he and Doug went to the building and studied. In about an hour, Doug called and asked us to come to the church building because Ray Medley wanted to become a Christian. God can answer our prayers even when we are confined inside a house! We’d better be careful what we pray for!

Oh, how I love my Lord. He has been so good to me.