Best Friends

This has certainly been an interesting topic. Laura and Joy had their lists and they were excellent. Don’s beatitudes-driven friend presents us with a beautiful picture of a real friend. Almost all of us wanted to fudge our answers. And so do I. I can’t pick just one!

I have a close circle of friends I find hard to choose between. I have kept contact with 3 college buddies to varying degrees. They are J.E., Mark, and Brad. I’m sure Randal remembers them all and Ron knows them as well. I also have a couple more best friends in the making and one who has passed on.

If I would have any kind of difficult problem I’m confident they would do whatever was necessary to help me at a moment’s notice. I can trust them with anything, from the private and personal to the devastating.

I can’t trust them with anything that’s even remotely humorous–no matter how embarrassing it might be to me. At that point they are all dangerous. Of course, so am I. 🙂

#best-friend, #trust