Best Job? Is the grass greener? Some thi…

Best Job?

Is the grass greener? Some think so, but it is, generally, just as brown as the current location. Brown grass, however, turn green when it is spring.

My best job is the current one. My family has been in Illinois for 12 years (never thought I would live here). The church treat us as well as one could hope to be treated by fellow-Christians. There are the occasional bumps, aggravations, mis-steps, and poor decisions that come along, but with all that it is still good.

It is good because the congregation trust me (as their preacher). They expect me to do what I am supposed to, and I try to do as well as I can. After 12 years, they have come to know – very well – all my failings and inabilities. Nevertheless, they overlook them and as a team we work together. In all the years of my preaching I have never had a written contract; there is a honor bound agreement that is held precious. I have been very upfront with the elders in all things pertaining to the church and in matters pertaining to my wife and I staying with the church in east central Illinois.

To me, these simple things make for an important working environment. I have a good situation in Illinois. Even though, on occasion, I think they need a new preacher here, still it is good.