Better browsers, flip-flops, and fast food

Firefox 4, the latest version of this popular web browser, was released yesterday. In 24 hours, 7.1 million downloads were made. This besides the more then 3 million people who had already downloaded the release candidate, the pre-release, let’s say. Just when I was using Safari more and thinking of making the jump, the new version comes out to keep me in the Firefox camp.

If you use Microsoft something-or-other, you shouldn’t think twice before making the jump, the major reason, among several good ones, being its weak security. Of course, Opera is out there as well, as another good option. I don’t recommend Google Chrome because they track your activity, say the web gurus.

As the sender of the nudges, I often miss answering them, because of time issues, more than anything. One upside is that Fellows and visitors have the full field to play in. I sometimes have an answer in my head, usually, after I ask the nudge, but it often doesn’t make it online.

But let me answer the shoe-in nudge, then the fast-food query. My favorite, as a long-time resident in Brazil, is the flip-flop. This Arkansan grew up nearly barefoot, so the flip-flop is the next best thing to it. Here, houses have tile flooring and are open to the outside, so bare feet would feel the shock of the cold tile and quickly get dirty. Flip-flops can take a bit to get used to, but their major advantage is letting the lower extremities dissipate the heat of the tropical climate.

I use them only at home and maybe on a trip to the bread store, but they’re not considered appropriate wear, unless you’re a manual laborer. Though I have kept a pair at the office to use when no one’s around.

While I’m on the nudges, here’s my answer for today’s about fast food. Before some of the American brands came into SJCampos, we’d hit McD’s at times, but often went to a Brazilian chain, California Chicken. Now, BK and Subway are the two we probably frequent more, which is not often at that. I used to like Arby’s a lot, and we did eat once in Sao Paulo at one of their restaurants. None here in SJCampos, though.

During the week, no fast-food joints are near me, fortunately, so I usually go to some local buffet, pay-by-the-kilo spot. Such restaurants tend to be economical choices. Most recently, a Chinese buffet opened up and it’s become my favorite, with good food and prices. I sometimes get out for about $3 a plate, if I don’t order a drink. (I’m not a big eater.)

Oh, in spite of my lactose intolerance, I like Sonic’s chocolate malts. Tried a vanilla one once, and it was good too.

Just a heads-up: I have several new items over on my blog, one of which may interest you, “My 7 Favorite English Bible Versions.” A little UPLift (inspirational, motivational) piece as well, “The fallacy and the truth about the future,” et alii. It’s also gotten a long-needed facelift. If you’re a glutton for punishment, the site now has, thanks to WP, a feature to subscribe by email. I think that’s cool. I’m ready to get rid of my email lists, if I could.

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