Beyond the comfort zone

My FMag editorial today is entitled, “Your Comfort Zone.” I saw a secular article with specific suggestions on how to step outside the comfort zone. Would be great to make a list for Christians. I thought of these:

  1. Learn a foreign language.
  2. Take a short-term mission trip overseas.
  3. Teach English as a second language to foreigners in your area.
  4. Serve a day in a food kitchen for the poor.
  5. Visit the nursing home with your congregation’s group.
  6. Make brownies for a new family in your neighborhood and deliver them in person.
  7. Visit the prison with your local prison ministry.
  8. Take on one World Bible School student.
  9. Donate time at the local library, hospital, or school.
  10. Hand out 10 gospel tracts to non-Christians in the next week.

I’ve preferred the face-to-face suggestions over things like sending a link by email. What other things can you name that would make a good list?

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