Two new biblical commentaries for the library

On our way into Nashville this afternoon, we stopped by McKay’s used bookstore. It was our first trip to the store this time around. They had a lot of biblical commentaries. I picked up two, both appear to be brand new.

New Bible Commentary: 21st Century Edition (IVP, 1994). I have the original 1953 edition in Portuguese. In English I have the 1970 NBC: Revised edition. This one-volume commentary purports to have none of the original and little of the 1970 edition, so I figured the $10 was worth the 1455 pages. Seeing also a mention of chiasmus in the introductory article clenched it.

Sam K. Williams writes the Galatians commentary in the Abingdon series (1997). I was impressed with the volume I bought last year on 2 Peter and Jude. Seems to have a good balance between exegesis and theology, although the series as a whole is on the liberal side. Thought I would give a second volume in the series a try. I just noted that it has received a positive reviewer by one writer:

Click to access CBQ-Review-of-Williams.pdf

I suspect I’ll get my money’s worth from these two volumes.

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