How long is the Bible?

It will take commitment to read the Bible all the way through. Not only because of the spiritual challenges you’ll face along the way, but because of its length. How long is the Bible compared to other weighty books?

  • Gone with the Wind: 423,575 words
  • Les Misérables: about 530,000 words in English translations
  • War and Peace: about 587,000 words in English translations
  • Bible: 773,692 words (King James Version)

The Bible is long, a couple hundred thousand words longer than War and Peace, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be read from start to finish, or chronologically, to profit from it. Most of its 66 books, including all 27 in the New Testament, can be read separately, as can most chapters and verses. And it’s not that long: You can read it out loud from start to finish in about 77 hours. That’s the running time of the Zondervan Audio Bible.

Reference: William C. Ray, Bible Study for Beginners (to be published by For Beginners Publishing LLC)

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