Bible Readers Prefer “Word-for-Word” Translations

An interesting bit of info I received this morning from the “Pastor’s Weekly Briefing” (PWB, 10/7/2011). Maybe you’ll find it interesting.

According to a new study conducted by LifeWay Research, most American Bible readers prefer “word-for-word” translations of the Bible over “thought-for-thought” translations where translators attempt to reproduce the original intended meaning of the author. The research, which was based on 2,000 interviews with Bible readers, revealed that 61 percent prefer “word-for-word” translations and 75 percent prefer translations with “total accuracy.” But at the same time, 68 percent want the language to be simpler to understand and 63 percent believe that it should be easy for everyone to understand the Bible. For the complete report go to LifeWay Research.