Bible Reading – 1 Corinthians 11

1. Roles and customs (11:1-16). In this section, Paul explains the godly rationale for the various roles of men and women. While each has their respective role, in all respects, they both submit to the Lord. It is unfortunate when a female refuses to submit to the Lord because of her view of man, and it is unfortunate when a male abuses his leadership because of his own distorted way of thinking. These God-ordained roles can still accommodate customs, but customs never trump the Lord’s will. When in Rome, as the saying goes, one must do as the Romans, but if “Rome” refuses to submit to the Lord, then Rome must be forsaken.

2. A custom gone awry (11:17-22). Some customs are to be recognized, but some customs are to be “checked at the counter.” In these six verses, Paul speaks of one of them. When the church gathers together, all attention is to be placed on the Lord, not on self. Unfortunately, some in Corinth had already forsaken (apparently) the Lord in their heart, and because they had done as much, the initiated division and perpetuated it with their actions.

3. The Lord’s Supper (11:23-34). Because of the divisive spirit and application some implemented, Paul refocuses them on the significance of the Lord’s Supper. In the Lord, we come together to focus upon Him; by the very nature of this act, Christians are unified. When one continues to think on the Lord, there is a maintaining of this unity.