Bible Reading – 1 Corinthians 5

  1. A sad situation (5:1-5). As a redeemed people, some among us still struggle with various vices. The particular brother in Corinth struggled with a vice that brought a bad name to his own, a bad name to the church, and a bad name to the Lord. What was disconcerting about it most to Paul was that the church refused to address the problem as it needed to be addressed. As the congregation gathered together, in the name of the Lord, the brother was to be excommunicated (disfellowshipped). It has often been said that this is God’s forgotten command. If so, will the Lord forget us because we forgot Him and chose a brother in sin?
  2. A serious evaluation (5:6-8). In so far as is humanly possible, the church is to be pure. The two components that will contribute to that are sincerity and truth. Sincerity is genuine motivation to do what is right, honorable, and virtuous. Truth is the standard of God’s will revealed. The two together will accomplish a great deal of good.
  3. A social approach (5:9-13). Any brother who is caught in sin, refuses to repent, and then is disfellowshipped is a brother with whom the church is not to keep company. When a brother in the Lord has spit in the Lord’s face, we have to make a choice as to whose relationship is more important. With those outside the Lord, we are to seek to persuade them to turn away from their sin, but the brother has turned away from the Lord. This gets us back to the point of judging in C-4 – we are to judge the actions. The actions of a brother who spits in the Lord’s face is called on as an action that is not acceptable; the Lord won’t accept it and neither should we.