Bible Reading – 1 John 3

1. Love bestowed (3:1-3). Continuing the idea of love, John says the love of God will be revealed in us at the revelation of the Lord’s coming; it will be revealed in us as we have lived His love (obeying His commandments) while living in this physical world.

2. Love exemplified (3:4-9). Until the Lord comes again, those in Christ – devoted to His Will and Way – will not live a life of sin. The love of Christ has enthroned itself in the heart of the saint. On a different note, it is unfortunate that some have interpreted 3:9 in such a way that they demand that it says a Christian does not sin (the KJV and the NKJV lend itself to this abusive interpretation). This is not only contextually wrong, but it is plainly contrary to what the Holy Spirit earlier revealed in C-1.

3. Love exemplified specifically (3:10-24). When we say we “love” our brother, exactly what do we mean? What we should mean is this: since love always seeks to good of another, our love toward our brother will seek his good. Love is not simply emotion, but it is an action. God so loved the world and He exemplified it in His seeking our good, which is salvation.