Bible Reading – 1 Peter 1

Introduction (1:1-2). It is impressive when one gives thought to the foreknowledge of God. Imagine for a moment that God knows what you are thinking before you thought it, and where you reside in eternity before you arrived.

A living hope (1:3-9). The Christian’s hope is a living hope. Important, this is. Can’t imagine why a person would allow themselves to suffer much for something that is dead. Judaism is a dead hope; Islam is a dead hope; Buddhism is a dead hope; political ideals are a dead hope; secularism is a dead hope. The only living hope resides in heaven.

The glorious message of God (1:10-12). What Abraham desired to know, we know. What Daniel desired to know, we know. What Moses desired to know, we know. What God prepared is now revealed through His church (Ephesians 3).

With this knowledge (1:13-21). With this knowledge, what kind of life should be lived, but a holy life? Let us prepare our minds for action (ESV) because we know what the Lord has done for us. Consequently, our hope lies in nothing but Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

The power of the Word (1:22-25). The Scriptures tell us clearly that God’s word is the power of God. Since it is the power of God, what kind of impact can it have on our life? It can tear us down and remold us into something new (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Written by Ron Thomas