Bible Reading – 1 Peter 4

Giving hope (4:1-6). I can’t help but to think of Ezekiel 23 when I read these words. Ezekiel was told by the Lord, in very descriptive language (especially read in the New English Translation), what was to occur because of the adulteries of a daughter and mother. Why do we proclaim Jesus? Because what is to happen to those outside the Lord is not pleasant to think on. Thus, we preach and give hope for a better life than that lived by the masses.

What do we say (4:7-11)? We can give people a false hope by being a motivational speaker (as many of the TV preachers are). Or, we can give people a true, genuine hope by proclaiming the message of God in its purity. As men and women of the Lord’s church, we must speak only the words of God (Romans 15:18; 1 Corinthians 4:17).

Glorify God in that name (4:12-19). There is something in that name, so the song goes. The name of Christ is a great name, can one find a better (Acts 4:12). To take the name of Christ and just be a Christian is such a great thing. There is no hyphen in the name, just a Christian. To take the name of a hyphen-Christian seems kind of odd, as something out of place. Can one improve upon what the Lord established as the name to take?

Written by Ron Thomas