Bible Reading – 1 Timothy 1

1. Greeting and charge (1:1-7). The word “doctrine” (teaching) is a word, to some, that is thought of in a negative way. Yet, it is a word the Holy Spirit thinks is important to use. Paul left Timothy in Ephesus because there is only one correct teaching for which one must contend.

2. Abuse of law (1:7-11). Law is not made for a righteous man – I am not sure I understand why. If you follow that which is right (be it civil law or the Lord’s way), what law will be against you? There will be no law against you, for you are not guilty of breaking the law. On the other hand, since the law (cf. James 1:25) is a standard, those who meet the standard are considered law-abiding (in civil matters) and declared justified by the Lord (in His mercy).

3. A pattern of belief (1:12-17). When Paul was converted, which includes his travel on the Damascus road and his stay in Damascus three days later, what he experienced and id is clear for all to read. But, is that the pattern Paul has in mind? Perhaps. Or, on the other hand, it could be that Paul’s pattern was more along the line that even a “hardened” Jewish man can be saved even when others think not. The point, however, is that Paul’s experience can be the experience of anyone else.

4. The good warfare (1:18-20). It encouraged Paul in that he left Timothy in Ephesus with a charge, but it saddened him greatly when a “charge” of a different sort exploded the ship that two were traveling on!