Bible Reading – 1 Timothy 2

1. Prayer’s role (2:1-7). In this chapter (as well as the next), Paul writes with respect to the congregational setting, when men and women gather what role does each have? First, there is a prominent role for prayer. Our prayers to the Lord are to include, according to the text, prayers for those who lead us. Many Christians have strong political disagreements with certain other political ideologies, nevertheless we pray for those who lead. For what do we pray? We pray from peace, freedom, the Lord’s will to supplant all ideologies, and the salvation of others.

2. Roles for men and women (2:8-15). Just as there is a prominent role for prayer, there is a role for the male and the female. This role has not its beginning in the thinking of man, but the thinking of God Himself. The saint is to be holy, modest, and satisfied with where God has placed each. If one fails or refuses his (her) responsibility, it is clear exactly where the problem must be laid.