Bible Reading – 1 Timothy 3

1. Bishops and deacons (3:1-13). The standards set forth by the Holy Spirit before the man (male), husband, and father can be an elder are high, but the standards set forth ought to be achieved by others as well. While there may be some “qualification” points not required in others, get the overall picture of it and it will be easy to see why holiness and maturity are so important.

2. Not just any man. It is the lament of all congregations of the Lord’s people when men are called to serve and holiness is not a priority in one’s respective life. If it is not a lament experienced now, it soon will be. The lack of holiness can’t be anything but exposed in time. When men are in position of leadership and holiness is not of great importance, then the local church will be plagued with many problem and finger pointing soon results.

3. The house of God (3:14-16). However, if we listen to the words of the Holy Spirit, we will learn not only the importance of holiness in the local setting, but we will learn the mission of the church in the local setting. It is God’s pillar, God’s foundation, and God’s beacon of light when so many have interests in other matters.