Bible Reading – 1 Timothy 6

1. Godliness with contentment (6:1-10). Contentment is much easier to understand than to implement. We live in an “I want” society. McDonald’s, Burger King, and restaurants like these provide a meal for us in a mere matter of moments. With these “eateries”, there is a downside – we gain unwanted weight. What is it that we actually need?

2. The King of Kings (6:11-16). The King of Kings has given us a charge to put on God’s armor and begin with a frontal, but wise attack against the forces of Satan. This attack against the god of this world is one that is surely going to be victorious for each of us because He Himself already overcame.

3. Final words (6:17-21). As Paul gives Timothy his final world (in this letter), you’ll note the practical remarks. Trust not in uncertain riches, but trust in God. In fact, the riches they are to store will be a foundation that glorifies the Lord (cf. 5:25; Ephesians 2:10). Speak words that build up and not words that are useless. Buy into that which is truly knowledge (John 8:31-32), and do not fall for so-called knowledge.