Bible Reading – 2 Corinthians 11

A little folly (11:1-4). Paul continues with his tone of disappointment concerning the quickness at which they received some who do more comparing with self than with the Lord. What makes it even more disappointing is that these false teachers were bringing a different Gospel.

Satan, an angel of light (11:5-15)? What a perfect description of why it is that so many follow the path that is broad, the path that leads to eternal destruction. They follow this path because Satan is a conniving being and presents himself as an angel of light; those not truly interested in spiritual things will allow themselves to be led into darkness. Earlier, Paul said that he and all faithful Christians were quite aware of Satan’s schemes. Some in Corinth, however, were duped, deceived, and soon to be destroyed. What a lesson there is for us in this! It is the obligation of the individual Christian to know and apply the Lord’s will to one’s life (cf. Ephesians 5:17).

A little folly, a little foolishness (11:16-33). The angel of light that Satan presents himself as leads untold numbers into spiritual decay. They begin to think of themselves as wise, when they are fools. They present themselves as descendents of Abraham, when they do not act like Abraham at all. Since they want to compare themselves with others, Paul takes the “bait” for the point of instruction. In essence, he asked, have they suffered like he has? A man of sound mind will not suffer for something that he does not believe is factual, neither will he live a life of humility for an ultimate goal that is strictly vapor in substance. This being the case, the reason some would listen to a different Gospel is because it is the desire of one to do so – and for no other reason.

  • Written by Ron Thomas