Bible Reading – 2 Corinthians 2

1. Deference (2:1-2). It is not certain whether Paul had in mind the occasion he addressed in 1 Corinthians 5 (some think so, others not), but his interest in the health of the local church is to be noted in this chapter. Rather than being a problem, or allowing another to cause him problems, Paul decides not to come to Corinth with any kind of sorrow (apprehension) on his heart.

2. Be aware (2:3-11). Notice how Paul warns the Corinthians about Satan’s ploys. Christians, faithful to the Lord, are fully aware of Satan’s schemes. In the context, the ploy of Satan is for members of the church to NOT forgive a brother who has asked (presumably) to be forgiven. In this is a tremendous lesson: how many of us say we forgive, but we refuse to forget? When we refuse to forget, is the memory point in the forefront of the mind? Why?

3. An aroma (2:12-17). Door-knocking is one of the more dreaded evangelistic works known to people. One of the reasons it is so dreaded is because of the reception/reaction of so many to Christians participating in the effort. Christians tire of this kind of response. However, note what Paul says when he speaks of being an aroma, an aroma of Christ. To some, Paul as a preacher is an aroma of Christ leading to life. What does that say about those who do not like a Christian knocking on the door to share the Gospel with them?