Bible Reading – 2 Corinthians 9

1. Practical experience (9:1-5). It is ideal if a charitable spirit exists in a person, but a charitable spirit also comes along with practical experience. Paul was mindful of this with respect to the Macedonians and the Corinthians. As we apply this, we too are to have a charitable spirit, but let us apply in proper proportion to practical experience.

2. Abundance (9:6-15). How does one measure their giving? When one gives to the Lord, only the Lord can properly measure it. We might be able to see fruit and we might be able to quantify it, but true measurement comes from the Lord. When we feel like we are going to be short, when we feel like we will have not enough, when we give first to the Lord, no matter the quantity, if the quality of our giving is there, it will be enough.