Bible Reading – 2 Peter 1

1. Introduction (1:1-2). Every now and again one wonders if the faith the apostles had would have been greater than the faith one not an apostle had. Peter says it is not, but that both who have faith stand on equal ground.

2. Will not lose salvation (1:3-11). All things that pertain to life and godliness are in Jesus, and we learn of Him through the Scripture. That means, in essence, we need nothing more; no self help book, no personal counselor, nothing. As a matter of fact, if we hear and obey His will we will not lose the salvation he has given us.

3. Peter’s purpose in writing (1:12-15). Is there a need for a preacher to a local congregation? Peter thought so.

4. Holy men of God (1:16-21). When Peter let it be known his purpose, he also wanted them to know that of which he spoke, he could speak with certainty and experience (Acts 4:20). The message he spoke did not originate with him and neither did the experience he recalled known as the transfiguration. That which he heard from the Lord helped him to come to the conclusion that Jesus was the Christ (Matthew 16:16) and that which he experienced he could do nothing but tell others about it.