Bible Reading – 2 Peter 2

1. False prophets (2:1-3). Just as sure as Peter was of himself, his message, and his Lord, he was also sure that wolves descended in sheep’s clothing. Christians are exhorted to be on their guard continually because these false prophets make their way in secretly.

2. The Lord protects (2:4-10). False teachers may come in secretly and they may have some success at devouring those with whom they come in contact, but the Christian can be sure that the Lord knows how best to protect them that belong to Him (2 Timothy 2:19).

3. The inward manner and the ultimate end of the false prophets (2:10-22). They think they know more than they do and with this false knowledge, they connive their way like a snake in the weeds, forsaking the path in order not to be caught. But caught they have been already; the Lord caught them and has prepared for them an eternity where nothing escapes!