Bible Reading – 2 Peter 3

1. A reminder (3:1-9). Just as one (more than one) comes along as a snake in the grass, others come along forthrightly scoffing at the Lord and His promise. “Where is at?” they ask. Be sure that it is coming and those who have true knowledge can rest assured of that.

2. The day of the Lord (3:10-13). When the Lord comes, it will be a great day for those who were “rest assured.” On the other hand, those who scoffed and those who were false teachers, that day will be a great day of fear, a fear they can’t escape.

3. How then should we live (3:14-18)? The fact that the Lord has not come, let us be mindful of His patience as His mercy. He does not desire that any perish, but that they come to repentance and grow in knowledge of the Lord.