Bible Reading – 2 Timothy 3

1. In the last day (3:1-9). The ”last days” is a phrase that gets our attention quickly. Does Paul have in mind some period of time just before the Lord’s return that will be much more brutal than things currently are? All that we can say on the topic is that which the New Testament teaches, and the Holy Spirit says we are in them at this moment (Hebrews 1:1-2). However, that is not the most important point. As you take note of the behaviors Paul identifies, the point is the evil associated with these behaviors – always learning about what is right and what is wrong, yet refusing to make a decision for the Lord, but deciding to progress their own way.

2. (3:10-17). Timothy, however, is one who did not learn things of this sort. He learned, rather, from a godly family. That which he learned he has taken into his adult life. As Paul encourages him in these remarks he makes a bold declaration concerning the Lord’s word. It is all that we need to make us spiritually alive and, moreover, to make us emotionally well-balanced.