Bible Reading – Acts 20

Paul Travels through Macedonia and Greece (20:1-12). After the disturbance had ended over the goddess Artemis, Paul sailed to Greece, where he stayed for three months. When he was intending to sail for Syria, a plot by the Jews caused him to change his plans and he decided to return through Macedonia. While Paul was preaching in Troas, a young man named Eutychus sinking into a deep sleep while Paul continued to speak, fell down from the third story to his death, but Paul raised him from the dead.

Paul’s Voyage to Miletus (20:13-38). Having decided against a stopover at Ephesus so that he could get to Jerusalem for Pentecost, Paul sent for the Ephesian elders from Miletus. Paul reviewed his ministry among them, challenged them to shepherd the church of God, warned concerning false teachers that would arise among them, and spoke of the dangers he sensed awaiting him in Jerusalem. Paul and the elders then prayed together and bid each other an emotional farewell. (Willmington’s Bible Handbook Modified).

Practical Lessons: (1) The good news of God’s grace is able to strengthen and provide an inheritance to believers. (2) It is more blessed to give than to receive.