Bible Reading – Acts 27

Paul and Company Sail for Rome (27:1-8). Following his appeal to Caesar, Paul was placed in the custody of a centurion named Julius and they set sail for Italy. However, the voyage encountered difficult winds before arriving safely at a place called Fair Havens.

Caught in a Violent Storm (27:9-38). Disregarding the apostle’s warning that the voyage would end in disaster, they set sail hoping to reach Phoenix and spend the winter there.

Paul is Shipwrecked (27:39-44). Never making it to Phoenix, just off the island called Malta, the voyage suffered shipwreck, but due to Paul’s faith in God, all made it safely to land.

Practical Lessons: (1) We should have faith in the promises of God. (2) Salvation depends on doing it God’s way. (3) Our faith in God can instill conviction and courage in others.