Bible Reading – Acts 28

Paul on Malta (28:1-10). The shipwreck victims safely reached the island of Malta, and after Paul survived the bite of a viper, the islanders thought of him as a god. Then Paul healed the chief official’s father, and many of the people came to him and were healed.

Paul Finally Reaches Rome (28:11-16). After three months on Malta, they finally sailed for Rome. When they arrived, the believers welcomed them and Paul was allowed to live under house arrest.

Paul Addresses the Jewish Community in Rome (28:17-31). After three days, Paul met with the local Jewish leaders and explained how his teaching lead to false accusations, which eventually forced him to appeal to Caesar. As he tried to convince the assembly that Jesus is the promised Messiah, some were convinced, but others refused to believe. Nevertheless, Paul lived in his own rented quarters for two whole years proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with complete boldness and without restriction.

Practical Lessons: (1) God keeps his promises – Paul made it to Rome (cf. 27:24). (2) Some believe in the testimony of Christ, but others refuse to believe.