Bible Reading – Acts 4

The Message Provokes Anger and Belief (4:1-22). The testimony of Jesus’ resurrection greatly annoyed the Jewish leaders. But many who had listened to the message believed (see 3:12-26), and the number of the men came to about five thousand (see 2:41). Amazingly, instead of putting an end to the apostles’ testimony, the Jewish leaders by their annoyance and subsequent arrest of the apostles provided another occasion to testify about the resurrection of Jesus.

The Followers of Jesus Pray for Boldness (4:23-31). In a time of trouble, the believers turn to God in prayer. They pray for courage to speak the message. God answers by filling them with the Holy Spirit (see 2:4) and they begin to speak God’s message courageously.

Conditions Among the Early Believers (4:32-37). Again, the message has an incredible impact on the believers (see 2:42-47). Their sacrificial love is exhibited once more through their selflessness and generosity.

How does the message of Jesus influence you? Does it provoke anger or belief? What will it produce in your life? Will it lead to prayer, courage, selflessness, and generosity?