Bible Reading – Colossians 1

1. The hope that is laid up (1:1-8). It is easy to lose sight of the hope that is laid up for us; it is easy because we become easily distracted. However, just as we learned of the hope for the first time, if we stray, let us learn all over again.

2. The inheritance that is prepared for us (1:9-18). Because of the hope laid us for us, our inheritance is fully prepared. While we live on this earth that inheritance is seen, enjoyed, and experienced by those who belong to Christ – those who are in His church.

3. The blood shed for us (1:19-23). The fact that the Lord gave up His life for each of us is to mean something to us. Paul helps us understand the significance of what the Lord did for us. While we were enemies, the Lord reconciled man to the Father and the Father asks of us is the totality of our respective lives. His Son gave us His, is it too much to ask of us to give up ours?

4. Paul’s ministry to us (1:24-29). While Paul ministered the gospel to those of Colossae, his writings actually minster to us today. Paul, speaking by inspiration and authority of the Holy Spirit, teaches us the importance of ministering to others.