Bible Reading – Colossians 2

1. Understanding important things in Christ (2:1-10). The riches that are in Christ have to do with all spiritual blessings. In other words, spiritual blessings that come from the Father can be “found” in no other place or doctrine. It will not be found in man-made religious doctrines; it will not be found in political involvement; it will not be found in sports and recreation; it will only be found in the Lord.

2. The important points of wisdom to be understood are: (2:11-23). We have been circumcised, but not according to Jewish custom. We have been forgiven without even bringing an animal sacrifice to the altar. We have been prepared for the resurrection, something contrary to human experience. We have won the victory over the forces of darkness when we could not even win the first fight. Our strength comes not from those things in the world that others consider important, but only through Him that gives strength.